Foam Beer Brewery 瘋啤 - 花露水小麥啤 330ml

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Foam Beer Brewery - 花露水小麥啤 330ml
Foam Beer Brewery -The Florida Water Wheat Ale 330ml

以薰衣草、⾁桂、丁香、 薄荷、檸檬葉, 為基調並以花茶和香料作為材料,充滿優雅的花香, 配上 Wheat Ale 為本帶 來的獨有果味,為我們帶來⼀⽀充滿亞洲東⽅風的清爽型啤酒。 

花露⽔的配⽅有薰衣草、⾁桂、丁香、薄荷、檸檬葉,全是亞洲⼈喜愛的香料。我們已此為 基調改以花茶作為材料配以⼩麥啤,效果出其的融和。經過無數次的配搭調整,這枝特別版 的花露⽔⼩麥啤擁有獨特的層次,充滿亞洲花茶和香料的淸香,與⼩麥啤獨有的果香,為我 們帶來⼀⽀充滿東⽅風的啤酒。 

The ingredients of Florida Water is lavender, cinnamon, clove, mint, lemon leaf, all Asian favourite spices. We have changed the base to scented tea to use it as a material and Wheat Ale, which has brought about its blending effect. After numerous matching adjustments, this special edition of this Wheat Ale has a unique level, full of Asian flower tea and spices aroma, and the unique fruit flavour of wheat beer, bringing us a Asia-style beer. 

ABV 5.5%
Ingredients Lavender
薰衣草 Peppermint 薄荷 Lemon Grass 檸檬草 Hops 啤酒花 Wheat ⼩麥